I Provide A Wide Array Of Business Workshops And Presentations!

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I have created presentations and exercises appropriate for events (with relevant focuses) such as…

1) Formal business seminars (workshops, conferences, facilitation etc.)

Ultimately, my business seminars cover many topics from potential, to self-actualization, leadership, and more. They are high-level but attention-grabbing and informative.

I have given presentations to groups between 2 and 200 people. However, keep in mind that proper facilitation and thought-leading techniques always work best in smaller groups! (such as #3 on this list)

(Focus: Displaying professional information that involves the entirety of the participants, leaving nobody feeling unengaged.)

2) Casual youth/school presentations.

From high school to university. (Focus: Creating a presentation that grabs attention to ensure participation, as well as exercises that are intuitive by nature and fun in execution! This increases retention more than a “words on screen” presentation ever would to better suit this market!)

I personally like to implement exercises and thought-provoking materials/skits within my presentations to make them more memorable, intuitive, and fun for all people involved.

3) Personal and small-group development courses.

(Focus: to develop a course/presentation that implements a more personal and thus powerful message that applies across the board. Ensuring that the most undivided attention is placed on the participating individuals.)

Note: Many change-management teams enjoy these presentations. Should you feel stuck as a leader or having difficulty managing team commitment, this may be the best presentation for your company to rejuvenate efficiency in times of change.

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