Why do the rich get richer, the happy get happier, and the successful become even more successful? Everybody who embodies these descriptions has one thing in common, momentum.

Momentum is the driving force behind continued success. It is the factor that plays into the scale of everything you do, how successful you become, and how much of an impact you make as a result of your efforts.

Momentum can be described in a few ways, in fact, I believe it is a combination of personal characteristics that can be employed at will! It isn’t easy to do so, however, momentum often requires that you take massive action before it will come to you. You see, momentum only helps those who help themselves. But when it decides to come your way, there will be no stopping it.

Characteristics of Momentum

So, what are the characteristics that you need to cultivate momentum in your life? It’s simple. Momentum, because it is a result of your effort, is attracted to the characteristics in people that produce such effort.

These characteristics include…

1) a dedicated plan for achievement.

2) Consistency.

3) A work ethic like no other.

This is really all you need to invite momentum into your life, and they are crucial for achieving your goals regardless of whether or not momentum is present.

A plan is necessary for keeping you on track, ensuring that what you do in your day to day life is integral to the chosen destination that you’ve set!

Consistency is likely the most important thing in achieving anything! Bruce Lee even said, “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” And he was extremely successful!

Ultimately, an amazing work ethic is necessary for a few reasons.

1) It helps you recognize momentum when it comes, rather than fall into the mindset of disappointment if that momentum doesn’t come quite quick enough. And…

2) It helps you focus on the day to day activities that often seem mundane, even disconnected from your passions, but are ultimately necessary for achieving your goals!

Remember Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, “a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”


Do yourself a favor and take some serious action towards what you wish to achieve in life. Make sure that what you want to achieve is in line with your values! I can’t stress the importance of this enough.

People who choose to pursue things that are not in line with their values are ultimately unsatisfied with the results they garner. It is similar to following a false prophet.

Because we only have so much time and energy to give every day, we must ensure that we donate those resources to the proper things. Pursuing anything that you don’t personally believe in is a waste of your time and energy. You don’t want to feel like you are drowning in everyday life, do you?

The feeling you have when your goals and values aren’t in alignment.

Life is short, VERY short. I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring that nobody gets caught in the trap I have faced for years, the feeling that my life is going nowhere. I was stuck in a job I disliked, working for nothing other than the money involved when in reality, the money should only be the result of my effort towards pursuing my passion. And it should be yours too.

Follow your passion above all else, forget the money, it will come on its own.

Whether you are living your life for money, fame, or anything else. Consider whether they are things you truly believe in. A good question to determine this is “If I only had the money or fame and nothing and nobody else, would I be truly happy?” most can’t answer this question affirmatively.

Action Step!

Write down a list of your values and rank them, determine what kind of person lives these values, and emulate that person. Ask yourself questions relating to whether or not you believe that your current actions are in line with these values and change them if they aren’t.

Take a moment to write down your goals! Make them clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Ultimately the purpose of life is to develop a constant feeling of happiness and to let that feeling spread to those around you.

The purpose of life is to avoid the fear, anger, and guilt that is associated with the past, and instead, focus on creating a prosperous future for all people, yourself included!

That is the true meaning of life, whether any of us can make sense of the world and its complexities is another question, but for today, use your newfound skills and knowledge to make the world a better place and I guarantee you will look back on your life with fondness.

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-Austin Denison


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