Gratitude vs. Reaction

Firstly I’d like to make clear the difference between the habit of finding gratitude to give for everything and stunting all emotional responses to a particular circumstance.

Never try and be devoid of emotion.

Emotions are truly the only reason we are alive and can function as people, in fact, they are often what make us human in the first place!

What I’m saying however is to become more conscious of your emotions and alter them to benefit yourself where need be. Should you stub your toe or get cut off in traffic a billion times, allow yourself to feel the anger and frustration but never allow it to overcome you. Instead, focus consciously on giving anger the time it needs to subside and practice the attitude of gratitude.

The Attitude of Gratitude

There is not a single situation in the world where something can’t be found to be grateful for. Not one!

Hate your job? Well, now life has taught you where your purpose isn’t.

Stub your toe? Perhaps that is an opportunity the universe is trying to tell you to rearrange the furniture to become more Feng Shui.

In fact, moving around your furniture can be beneficial to your feeling of excitement and change in everyday life!

Making small changes eventually creates big changes. It may sound mystical but listen to the world as it gives you these experiences. Whether you believe in some higher power or not, I guarantee you making subtle changes like this can give you a medium for adopting new habits. 


I believe every hardship that ever occurs is an opportunity to learn something about yourself or the world around you. Practice the imagination of the warehouse full of riches and coined by Jen Sincero in her book “You Are a Badass at Making Money”.

Imagine there is a warehouse down the street with all the money you’ve ever desired, and it will all be doled out to you at appropriate intervals. What would a day in your life look like if this occurred to you?

Chances are you’d be thrilled! You’d carry with you the security and affirmation that all life has to offer will be yours!

You’d likely start taking more risks! Asking that girl/guy out on a date! You’d be far more relaxed and excited about life than you ever were before!

This is the potential of the mind.

You’d likely feel so stress-free and happy that the entire demeanor of your attitude changes and this comes across to everyone you meet. You will all be happier for it.

Essentially, Jen Sincero’s point is that you should practice being grateful for the things you don’t even have yet and therefore manifesting it into reality. These lessons stem from the popular phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.” Essentially, by believing in something, you are more likely able to behave in a way that also creates that reality.

The Point of Gratitude

Although it may come as a shock to those around you (OR you), the point here is not to be confused with aiding other people with your gratitude. Don’t get me wrong! You will end up helping others and being the light of their day by expressing gratitude, but only as a result of your own grateful demeanor toward life.

Ultimately, the person you should be doing this for is yourself.

By creating the habit of gratitude you develop the belief-muscles needed to exercise consistent positivity in your life without neglecting your emotional state.

You feel your emotions, then let go.

By believing that you can practice gratitude for everything, you are manifesting, in yourself, the beliefs of a grateful person, and therefore it is easier for you to begin to take the actions of a grateful person.

It is these actions that influence your internal and external world, and aid you in creating a desirable life!

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-Austin Denison



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