My services range from executive coaching to consulting and more!

I provide these services with the assurance that I can make a difference in the lives of others and the prosperity of your business. I help teams improve their productivity and do more of what matters, even in times of stress and change.

Below are many of the duties that I perform to pursue my mission of helping others. For more information on what those duties entail and the value I can provide to your organization, please visit the corresponding links.

1) Consulting

My change-management consulting method provides a top-tier strategy to overcoming obstacles that are a factor of organizational change. Whether that change is due to internal or external environments. Here is the natural progression of my change-management consulting strategy.

Step 1: Foundation
Step 2: Learning
Step 3: Planning
Step 4: Implementation
Step 5: Sustaining the Change
Step 6: Review and Re-Adjust

The strategy above implements key questions into the change process that will give you and your organization a solid understanding of your current and future process, as well as how to engage your teams and ensure a commitment to success!

For more information on my methods and how they can help you, please call me at (951) 833-2987 for a free consultation!

2) Workshops

More than just consulting, I enjoy spreading my knowledge to others through dedicated leadership workshops and conferences. A good leader should “work themselves out of a job” by encouraging autonomy. Therefore, my method of instructing will inform you not only of how to make change work, but also how to continuously adapt to adversity. Who knows? If I do my job correctly, you may only ever need to hire me once! THAT is good leadership.

3) Contact Me

For more information, or to request a custom proposal, please click on the CONTACT ME link above!

Thank You!

-Austin Denison