At Denison Success Systems, values are the foundation upon which a business should be built. Without solid values, the trust within an organization will crumble, and no business should operate without trust. Below are some of the key values that have helped me better serve my clientele, provide more value, and make my consulting experience as simple and effective as it is!


YOU are the leader of your own business. There is no “consultant knows best” attitude here at Denison Success Systems! I work with you to form a trusting relationship and present suggestions on ways to enhance your organization, both naturally and within your scope of ability. I do this by maintaining an open mind, being considerate of new and challenging ideas, and gathering input from many information sources. Consider this: You will never have to worry about a “my way or the highway” consultant ever again! I guarantee it.


As a consultant, I’m not here to tell you everything is roses and dandelions (until I help make it that way)! I have built a reputation for trust because I am honest even when it is difficult to be so. I keep myself highly accountable and trustworthy to my clientele so that they can benefit from the ease of mind in knowing that they are in good hands. Integrity is the blending of honesty and discipline, and you can rest assured that I will give you the best service within the realm of what is humanly possible!


Let’s face it, your organization is unique! One of the main challenges in consulting is having to mold your methods and practices to meet the needs of unique and exciting organizations such as yours. Innovation is the way to do this. I do not use a “cookie-cutter” method for you and your business, only custom and intuitive solutions to meet your needs perfectly! In this way, I can assure you that your custom solution is applicable, realistic, and optimized for your organization!

Many More…

There are so many more values to be listed here that I employ in my services. But listing them would take far too much time that could be used to help business owners achieve their goals and remedy their change-efforts!

Thank you for reading about my values!
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-Austin Denison,
Leadership/Change Management Consultant, Author of The Essential Change Management Guidebook: Master The Art of Organizational Change