The magnanimous people of the world and all the success stories I’ve heard in happiness and personal fulfillment say this; What brings joy are (obviously) not material things nor the comparisons between yourself and others, but actions that feed feelings of gratitude and generosity.

We often discuss our thinking and its effects on our livelihood and positive changes, yet our actions are just as important if not more so.

How to Cultivate Winning Actions

The word “actions” is important. Just as the famous words of Aristotle ring true “We are what we repeatedly do” your thoughts and actions must be conjoined harmoniously in order for you to actualize your potential and aid others in doing the same.

If you were to break this logic down and use it reversely, you could come to the conclusion that the gap between your “should-do’s” (many of our thoughts) and your current actions is the area that harbors unhappiness in your life.

Therefore, we must recognize and convert the actions that we are currently taking into the actions that best suit the lifestyle we wish to lead.

Finding Your Joy

Joy comes to those who know what it is that makes them joyful.

If you are currently unfulfilled in any area of your life that you have previously tried to alter, there are some specific steps you can take to determine how to fix them.

Firstly, take a look into your past and your own decision-making.

This allows you to find the things that you can now recognize didn’t make you happy to pursue. In other words, the trial-and-error comes into play here.

Becoming aware of what doesn’t work simply means that you gather the information necessary to avoid traveling down the same path. This self-reflection on your previous trials is about thinking without the intention of blaming yourself as much as it is informing yourself.

The easiest and most effective way you can alter your thought process is by starting to make conscious decisions about the operational aspect of your life.

Operational aspects have to do with day to day activities, pairing them with conscious decisions can help you avoid the reactionary state of thought that most of us get stuck in from time to time! Don’t get stuck!

Secondly, Although thinking alone won’t ever change your life, it can give you the answers and the direction for you to create consistent action that does change your life.

For example, Thomas Edison could have thought himself to death trying to determine if a bulb with a filament was a feasible means for light in the world, he certainly believed it while nobody else did, yet it still took over 10,000 supposed “failures” (more like stepping stones) to succeed.

Thomas Edison knew the importance of this point more than anything else. You must act and make that thinking a reality in order to open the gates for cause and effect to do its work. Doing so not only increases the happiness and joy you display to yourself in the form of self-love but also to the people around you.

You can see that some simple reflection of your previous thought processes gives way towards direction. Pair this direction with your own decision for change, and you have a course of action. Combine this action with consistency, time, and evaluation (to redetermine what works and what doesn’t) and you can reach your goals.

Practice Gratitude

I have written specific articles about gratitude and the effects it displays to the world.

The old adage that “Misery loves company” is true, but joy and fulfillment love company also. Whatever you choose to focus on, there will become more of in the world and in your life. There will never be a day in which joy cannot found in some respect, because the thoughts in the mind can be chosen and molded until they are habitual.

Become conscious of how you think, this will direct how you should act, and you will not only change your life but also the world around you.

-Austin Denison



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