Faith, as I describe it, is one of the factors of what I call “Spiritual Energy.” Spiritual energy doesn’t necessarily need to connote ideas of churches or religion, I believe that spiritual energy is merely the ability to believe in something without it appealing to your senses.

In a way, everybody has faith. In fact, there is no action that is taken without the faith of obtaining a result. For example, your work.

Are you paid bi-weekly? Weekly? Monthly? the fact that you are not yet paid for the work you perform beforehand is a factor of having faith. The money you earn does not appeal to your senses at the very moment you perform the work, and nobody hands you a dollar every time you do something!

Yet you have faith that the money will come eventually for the work you do now. Many people claim that they can reason that the money will be given to them because it has been done before, but what is reasoning if not the justification for having faith in the first place?

Faith is part of spiritual energy, which is also part of the whole energy we have available to us and can use to become fulfilled with our lives. Energy is a true resource, it cannot be taken away from us (as I explain in my book The Potential Dichotomy).

Let’s discover some awesome ways in which we can practice faith to encourage happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Building Faith

Here are some methods to practice faith every day.

Live In Abundance

Living in abundance can be done by focusing on the positives that life has to offer. Although I will never condone suppressing negative feelings, the secret to a happy life is acceptance and not avoidance.

Accepting the fact that life can be painful at times means that you can better appreciate the good that life has to offer at every moment. Thinking in terms of abundant positives means having the faith that life can be appreciated for all that it is.

It is often said that what we decide to focus on, we create. And this is true. Have you ever been car shopping and seen the same model that you were looking to buy everywhere you go? They were always there before, but they become more visible now that you focus on those things.

What’s Bad Isn’t Really Bad

Faith helps you see through the fog that is present in your daily life. What is "bad" ceases to become bad and can be the source of an amazing "good!"
Faith helps you see through the fog that is present in your daily life. What is “bad” ceases to become bad and can be the source of an amazing “good!”

Hardships are bound to happen to everyone in life. Often times they can’t be controlled, reasoned with or avoided. The key to getting through the hardships and coming out stronger is in the practice of searching for hidden positives.

The reason we fear change so much is because we can’t be sure that we can handle it. Ensuring to yourself that you can take all that life throws at you is a way to increase your confidence and acceptance of different (and potentially frightening) situations.

Imagine how wonderful life could be if you believed that strength can be found everywhere, that hardships can be empowering, and that you have the ability to make the choice as to what is good and bad. Many problems in our lives that seem huge now become very small and insignificant later on.

The man who just cut you off in traffic gave you the ability to practice patience and awareness. The person who fired you from your job forced you to take time and reevaluate your direction in life! They gave you options! Your unfortunate past may have been the seed that sprouts your greatest strengths! Any number of amazing epiphanies can be had if you believe you can handle all those changes in your life.

Faith Helps You Find a Reason

Faith helps you realize your true passion in life. Pursuing that passion is the single most effective and fulfilling way to live with purpose!
Faith helps you realize your true passion in life. Pursuing that passion is the single most effective and fulfilling way to live with purpose!

The willingness to try before seeing results can be explained through faith. In that way, your willingness to pursue your passions and attempt new things is a result of the faith you have in your purpose. Would anybody take risks if they didn’t have faith that the rewards would pay off greatly? I don’t believe so.

Faith breeds hope for the future and for ourselves. Hope can be beneficial in bountiful ways. Hope gives us the ability to believe in the good, limit the negativity of the bad, and ultimately take action to craft our desired futures.

An easy way to build your hope muscle is to practice gratitude for all that you have in life and all that you will have. How do we be grateful for things we don’t have yet, you may ask. Well, think of it this way. Imagine the future you desire above all other things! What does it look like? What can you be grateful for in that future?

You see, practicing gratitude beforehand allows you to set yourself in the mind of someone who has those things. In doing so, you will begin to act similarly to someone who has those things, no matter what they may be. Your actions are the mediums through which your life is crafted after all!

Being grateful allows you to shift your thoughts and mindset into different areas of abundance, and this allows you to take actions that mimick the person that has those things you are grateful for! Those actions craft the life you wish, and the fulfillment too, and all through faith itself.

Faith Limits Fear

Through the hope that your faith cultivates, you can take action in pursuing your passion knowing that you do not have to fear the results. You can handle all that life throws at you!
Through the hope that your faith cultivates, you can take action in pursuing your passion knowing that you do not have to fear the results. You can handle all that life throws at you!

Fear is the limit that we place on ourselves that constantly holds us back from achieving what we wish. Fear is present in everybody, it is the sense that we cannot handle the changes in our lives.

Although I believe that fear is necessary to some degree, our subconscious mind is like an overprotective parent. It is helpful enough to keep us away from true dangers but limiting enough to keep us from achieving our dreams as well.

Fear must be dealt with, otherwise, a life of the “average” is the price for submitting to your fear. Nobody wants to be just average, everybody wants to be extraordinary and important.

This is where courage comes in. Despite the common belief, courage is NOT the absence of fear. In fact, courage is the ability to take action DESPITE the fear that is holding you back! Fear always plays a part in our decisions.

So how can we develop more courage in our lives? Easy, you must consciously decide with full commitment to taking action. This is a result of faith. Would anybody be courageous if they didn’t truly believe in the outcome of a better future, before being able to see, hear, taste, smell, or feel it?

Faith limits the fear we have through our decisions to be more than the average. It is easy to get stuck in the POLR (Path of Least Resistance), but having faith pulls us out by allowing us to overcome fear.

Trial And Error

Faith allows us to test our ideas, and ultimately to find the path in life that brings us the most fulfillment. It is your faith that will push you to take action for a more fulfilling future. And that faith will cultivate hope in your life and decisions.

Without making decisions and “testing the waters” so to speak, would you have ever found things in your life bring you happiness? What would happen if you decided to live your life inside of a bubble of safety and comfort? Would you have ever experienced the beauty of a relationship? Or the pain of a breakup?

Likely not, faith gives us the strength to try new things. You cannot have the beauty in life without the risk of the pain, the important part to remember is that it is always the experience we crave and can use to our benefit.

I don’t regret any broken relationships I have, simply because it gave me the opportunity to recognize traits that I admire and those that I do not. All of these experiences, despite being occasionally painful, taught me something about myself and about what will fulfill me in my future.

There is a saying I like to reference often: The only experience you will regret is the one you do not learn from. I believe this saying is intertwined with the idea that we can always learn and choose to make ourselves better with our own experiences.

Remember, failures are not truly failures unless you choose not to learn from them. We can control everything in our lives, and we can choose to accept or deny the things that our lives consist of. Let them consist of good things, experiences, and lessons, and you are set for a fulfilling future.


We can choose to learn and have faith in ourselves and in others. In so doing, we can cultivate a future of love and happiness for ourselves and others through hope.

We are stronger than we think and more adaptive than we know. Faith is the key to having gratitude for a beneficial future, and through this faith, we can craft one.

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