Hello everyone! My name is Austin Denison and this will officially be my first blog post! Ultimately I hope to craft this message to inform any and all of my readers what they can expect from here on out.

I’ve put together a few pages to help you discover who I am and exactly what I hope to do! Find them on the menu of the website under the “About” link. That is where I describe the purpose of this website (as well as my endeavors), and how I go about acting on it.

Ultimately I plan on posting blogs regarding my experiences, strategies, exercises, and thoughts on a vast array of topics, most of which to do with self-improvement, defeating your inner-critic along with self-doubt, and leadership in your chosen field. I study copious amounts of this material every week (roughly three written books, many other bloggers, vloggers, and interviews with successful people) to ensure that my thoughts stay fresh and that I lead by example through my own continuous improvement and open-mindedness.

My landing page only gives some basic information about the services I offer, whereas my menu provides the keys to the rest of the resources, those being Blogs, Videos (soon to be posted!), how you can contact me, and testimonials from those who know my work!

Feel free to follow my social media channels, through which I will be re-vamping and posting much more content regarding the benefits of personal development! You can find links to them at the top right of the website by the header! There is much development and work to be done to ensure that these principles (by which I have noticed make a large difference in life) are noticed by those who need to see them.

My current affairs section will likely remain empty for a short while, only until I secure some future dates, locations, and opportunities for my presentations and any other media I send out! I am currently in the process of writing the manuscript for a book I wish to have published and will post that news there and among all of my social media channels as well!

Either way, this is getting exciting! Hopefully you are as willing and ready to dive into the actualization of your lives in areas such as finance, health, and happiness. These are my main topics. I model most of my presentations behind them, and can talk for hours as to the meaning and practices behind how to cultivate them in the same way I am constantly striving to do in my own life. I’ll be posting more shortly, so what are we waiting for? Let’s go!



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