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Business Management Consulting:

I’ll work with you to strategize and implement dedicated consulting plans that will help you and your organization achieve more than you ever thought possible! Some of my offers and specialties are listed below.

Digital Marketing Services

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Here’s what I can do for you!

1. SEO Site Optimization
2. Content Creation
3. Sales Funnels
4. Ad Management
5. Social Media Management

Strategic Management Consulting

In today’s highly competitive environment, businesses must do all they can to streamline performance and reach ever-evolving heights. Worry no more, here are just a few things you can expect from my effective consulting process.

  • Uncover Root Issues, Not Symptoms
    I take a birds’ eye view of the organization to come to the root of an issue rather than resolve symptoms. Symptoms can only be resolved for so long before they spread into more resounding and compounded problems.
  • Maximized Growth and Improved Business Performance.
    With a healthy combination of critical analysis, goal-tracking, and data management, I will formulate beneficial and easily-implemented solutions to ensure that your company performs at its peak.
  • More Time To Do What Matters.
    By focusing on the key organizational elements that drive performance, you will begin to see resources free up that were not available to you (or the organization) before. I do this by streamlining processes where possible to ensure that every company function is viable and suitable for your unique business developments.

I use my research to determine the strengths of the company, and use those strengths to magnify results. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses is necessary for constant improvement and effective leadership. Included: SWOT Analysis.

Change Management Consulting

I use a comprehensive and proprietary change management method to ensure that you have all you need to reform and/or adapt to changes in your business environment. My method can be found in my latest book, The Essential Change Management Guidebook. My method is as follows:

Step 1: Foundation
I work with you to discover the direction of the company, a necessary step for determining motivating factors for change.

Step 2: Learning
Knowing where you want to be is useless if you don’t know where you are! The learning phase helps me form a baseline model with which to measure change.

Step 3: Planning
In this stage, I will consider your organization’s culture, resources, and current state of change to plan for an effective implementation process.

Step 4: Implementation
The implementation step puts together and actualizes the plans and considerations made before. It will be the change in action!

Step 5: Sustaining the Change
In this step, we will solidify the behaviors that were necessary in implementing the change, into your culture. This ensures that a productive future is awaiting your organization for years to come!

Step 6: Review and Re-Adjust
In the final stage of my comprehensive change process, we will review the change, adjust any necessary components of change, and refine the change to better match the vision set in Part 1: Foundation.

“People who achieve the most are selective as well as determined.” – Richard Koch

I use the concept behind the Pareto Principle (law of relevant few, 80/20 rule, etc.) to determine how to shift company resources away from areas that produce few important results to activities that cultivate abundant results. Resources are limited, after all. In order to allow your business to properly dominate the marketplace and secure an established future, you must:

  1. Focus your resources on activities that produce the greatest results, and limit the amount of resources given to any potentially harmful or exhausting activities. (Minimizing weaknesses!)
  2. Magnify your opportunities for growth and development by producing clear goals that can and will be achieved. (Magnifying strengths!

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Leadership Consulting Services

Leadership Consulting is a proven method for increasing productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. Based on the Phillips/Kirkpatrick method of training evaluation, here are a few metrics that have been studied among those who received leadership consulting services.

For more information on the study, visit this link HERE!

1. 97% of participants learned new and valuable skills that aid them in becoming more effective in the workplace.

2. 94% of participants in the study showed improvement in leadership behaviors.

3. ROI of 29% within 3 months and an annualized ROI of 415%!

In other words, $1 you invest in leadership training and coaching results in a productivity valuation of $4.15!

Executive Coaching

It is easy to get stuck in the midst of a tough decision. Effective team-management is a result of constant consideration for alternatives and best practices.

“It’s not what or how, it’s why.” – Simon Sinek

I will help you discover and set achievable goals based on the vision behind your company! Discovering the company’s “why” (how the company helps its consumers in the first place) is detrimental to crafting success in the long-term. It is the leader’s job to keep the bigger picture in view, and set goals accordingly!

Become a leading (and inspiring) force that others love to follow.

“Goals bridge the gap between our daily actions and our lifelong purposes” – Austin Denison

People are fond of clarity and simplicity, it’s as easy as that. I work together with you (or your team) to craft and clarify goals that are in line with your corporate culture and company purpose.

Proper goal-setting follows a defined formula that directly increases the effectiveness of your business activities. These goals act as communicators between your daily actions and the long-term vision of the company. Consider the following goal-setting characteristics. Goals must be:






Written (for continuous reference)

I work with you to set these goals in precisely the right way which will define the future direction of the company concretely and without ambiguity. Only when proper goals are set can we direct our efforts into hitting targets!

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Austin Denison (CEO and President), Denison Success Systems Ltd.
Austin Denison (President and CEO)
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