Baseball Coaching Case Study

A local baseball coaching organization reached out to me to audit their digital marketing campaigns.

The Baseball Coaching Challenge

This baseball coaching organization certainly had the infrastructure and the skill to become a dominant force in baseball coaching.

They had dedicated practice mounds, fields, doppler radar baseball tracking systems to gauge pitch throws, spin, velocity, batting stats, and more.

The challenge for this organization was a mixture of local competition, content creation, and brand awareness.

Given the extent of knowledge and equipment that they had ready to use, there should be no doubt of their professional demeanor and ability to help their clients achieve greater pitching speeds and, ultimately, a greater chance of being signed to larger professional baseball teams.

The struggle: How do we communicate the professionalism, equipment, and overall value that clients would receive by working with this organization, beyond the competition.

Here is the order in which I analyzed various digital marketing analytics and improved them.

Step 1: Competition

After studying up on the best practices and content types/formats of the various other direct competitors in the baseball coaching industry, I was able to better determine what engages people with content and what does not without spending much time or money.

This allows me to gauge the placement of competitor value, results, and more to determine if we can compete at the end of a better consumer-transformation than the competition could provide.

Step 2: SEO

Without an SEO audit of the online presence of both the host website and their competitors, we would have no way of knowing whether to focus on outranking the competition in search engines.

After conducting an SEO analysis, I determined that there are many ways to outrank local baseball coaches and direct/indirect competition both locally and with more general keywords.

For example, most organizations use a website that is not distinctive, clear in the offer, or holds “thin” content, therefore being seen as less authoritative by search engines looking for relative domain authority.

Step 3: Keyword Analysis

Using dedicated keyword research and competitive analyses, we were able to discover the best keywords to target for local and general SEO.

General SEO benefits the outreach of the organization and the brand-awareness for scale-able properties like products or know-how. Local SEO benefits the immediate influx of clients, interest, awareness, and income in the local area.

After finding optimized and targetable keywords, it’s time to get to work!

Step 4: Dedicated Content Creation

We focused on creating content that demonstrated active results, consumer transformation, and case studies all at once.

We paired a/b-test style videos to demonstrate the before and after of pitching improvement for those that partook in the coaching, offering demonstrable and relevant results that beat the competition.


The content we helped create made the message and value of baseball coaching clear and concise. Paired with a case-study article in which the details regarding pitching techniques, improvements, and timeframe, a single post that included relevant video and written content (optimized for keywords) improved the domain authority for the organization.

After a multitude of posts and time for SEO to kick in and become indexed by search engines, an increase of 15% traffic is estimated.

Ultimately, what we have is a multitude of great online content, domain authority improvement beyond competition, local and general SEO improvement, increased conversion rate, and increased social media content.

And the best part? This organization can continue to create content for itself, increasing the potential longevity and ROI on that content after a small initial investment.

Thanks for reading!
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-Austin Denison is a management consultant and coach from Southern California and founder/CEO of Denison Success Systems LLC. He is the author of The Essential Change Management Guidebook: Master The Art of Organizational Change as well as The Potential Dichotomy: The Philosophy of a Fulfilling Life, and, the Best-Selling book, KICK*SS Content Marketing, How to Boost Your Brand and Gather a Following.


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