Austin Denison is a best-selling author, content creator, and digital marketing expert from Ontario, California. He’s been featured in a variety of outstanding publications including SEO Blog Nation, Clutch, and many more in industries ranging from marketing to leadership and self-improvement.

Austin has over 8 years of experience in marketing, content creation, SEO/SEM, and change management, making him an effective and versatile marketing tool for growth and change.

Austin’s most recent digital marketing achievement during the Covid pandemic is helping a local B2C company cut its cost per purchase (CPA) in half while nearly doubling the number of purchases (acquisitions) over the equivalent timeframe. Austin was able to streamline the company’s advertising strategy by eliminating internally-competing keyword campaigns, improving the locality of a click to avoid repeat CPC, and re-organizing campaign objectives to work efficiently with each other in the appropriate stages of the consumer sales funnel.

Below are some screenshot data references of the improved campaigns’ performance. (Sensitive information has been omitted)